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Sustainability – an important matter

The topic of sustainability is broadly anchored in our company and covers the areas of environment, social affairs and corporate governance. The sustainable investment of the assets entrusted to us is of great importance.


Reduction of CO2 emissions

We continuously reduce our energy and resource requirements. CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided are fully compensated for by myclimate. We encourage our employees to use public transport by offering them a half-fare season ticket. For business trips by car, we use a Mobility subscription.  

Social affairs


We regularly support aid and other non-profit organisations in Switzerland and abroad.

Support in education

We are partner of libs, the leading training company in the Swiss engineering, electrical and metal industry. Together we regularly train apprentices. We also offer several internships.

Promoting the reconciliation of work and family life

We support our employees with professional, external childcare and encourage part-time work at all levels.

Corporate Governance

Code of Conduct

Our employees are subject to a code of conduct. It describes how employees avoid conflicts of interest and prohibits all activities that result in unapproved additional income in connection with the Avadis position. The Code of Conduct is based on the ASIP-Charta. An important framework for the daily work is the «Prudent Man Rule».

Compliance Office

We have a Compliance Office, which is organisationally and personnel-wise separate from the business units, which monitors and enforces compliance with legal, regulatory and internal requirements.

Staff Council

We have an internal employee representation (employee council) with extensive rights of participation and co-determination. The employees' council represents the overall interests of all employees vis-à-vis the employer. 


Sustainability approach

When investing our assets, we are guided by internationally recognised ESG criteria (environmental, social, governance). This applies both to the Avadis Investment Foundations and to the AFIAA Anlagestiftung. The aim of this approach is to secure long-term returns and reduce risks. For more information on our sustainability approach, please see the factsheet Sustainable investments.

Equity and bond investments

The Avadis investment foundations only invest in companies that respect the Oslo (cluster munitions) and Ottawa (anti-personnel mines) agreements.

Real estate investments Switzerland

We have defined five strategic sustainability targets for our residential real estate Switzerland and commercial real estate Switzerland investment groups. These include, for example, reducing CO2 emissions and gradually phasing out fossil fuels.

Exercise of voting rights

We allow the pension funds invested in our Swiss equities investment group to express their voting preferences. Voting rights can be exercised for all public limited companies in the UBS 100 Index.


Both the Avadis Investment Foundations and the asset managers commissioned by us have UN Principles for Responsible Investments (UN PRI) signed. The Avadis investment foundations are also members of Swiss Sustainable Finance.

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Sustainability at the Avadis investment foundations

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