Participate in the global real estate market

Do you want to be one of the 3% pension funds that invest in these exciting assets?

Invest in international real estate

The investment groups of the AFIAA Investment Foundation are containers specially designed for pension funds. Direct and indirect real estate investments are commercial properties in prime locations. AFIAA manages a portfolio of real estate investments in Europe, Australia and the USA. Depending on the existing portfolio, direct or indirect investments are suitable for occupational pension fund investments. AFIAA manages both strategies - hedged and non-hedged in foreign currencies.

  • Extensive investment universe: Numerous international properties are suitable investments for pension funds.
  • Systematic diversification: Investments in international real estate can be employed to systematically diversify existing real estate portfolios.
  • Stable income: Our investment solutions focus on properties in prime locations that generate continuous stable income.
  • Investment opportunities: You have the choice of direct or indirect strategy, both currency-hedged and unhedged.
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Advantages of real estate investment abroad

  • Extensive investment possibilities
  • Diversification
  • Stable returns

More about AFIAA

Here you can access the direct and indirect investment opportunities directly.