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Sustainability at the Avadis investment foundations

Sustainability approach

The Avadis Investment Foundations apply the sustainability approach when investing the assets entrusted to them by investors. They are guided by internationally recognised environmental, social and corporate governance principles (the so-called ESG criteria). Avadis Investment Foundations do not invest in companies that violate Swiss and internationally recognised sustainability principles. Specifically, companies are excluded which:

do not consider. Both the Avadis investment foundations and most asset managers entrusted with the investment of assets have already ratified the UN Principles for Responsible Investments (UN PRI). The Avadis Investment Foundations are also members of Swiss Sustainable Finance.

For investments in Swiss shares, the ESG principle also covers the exercise of shareholders' rights.

The ESG principles adopted by the Avadis investment foundations
  • The sustainability approach pursued by the Avadis investment foundations is based on the normative provisions of the Swiss legal system. Guided by comprehensible, objective criteria, the comprehensive approach implements best practice.

  • The Avadis investment foundations consistently provide open and transparent communication on the keystones and the activities it undertakes in the field of sustainability.

  • As an integral component of the investment process, the risk management system and the service range, the sustainability principle comprises all three sustainability elements: environment, social and corporate governance (so-called ESG criteria).

  • Where the objectives of sustainability and return optimisation compete with each other, long-term return optimisation takes priority.