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Off-market investments in the future

Private equity investments offer attractive return opportunities to employee benefits institutions with a long-term horizon. Asset classes such as private equity play an increasingly important role in portfolios. Our private equity programme is exclusively geared toward Swiss employee benefits institutions.   

Good to know

  • Private equity refers to investments in companies that are not traded on the stock markets. 
  • Instead of daily price movements, and hence value fluctuations, such investments are valued regularly on the basis of objective business management criteria. 
  • The track record of higher average returns than stock market investments combined with lower volatility guarantee an excellent risk-return profile in the portfolio. 
  • While investments in the start-up phase are associated with higher risks than investments in established companies, they also offer higher return opportunities.

Public versus private equity

  • Illiquidity premium 300 BP

From the launch date of the investment group to the valuation date. Due to the limited informative value, still excluding private equity, global XII, global XIII and global XIV. Only global programs considered. Global I was terminated in September 2014.

Private equity, global XV now open for subscription

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