Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers.

Opening of securities accounts 

How do I open an Avadis securities account?

The following documents are required: fully and correctly completed Application form and authenticated copy of your identity document. 

Can I open a joint securities account?

Yes. The following documents are required: fully and correctly completed Joint account application form and authenticated copies of the identity documents of both accountholders. 

Can I open a securities account for my child?

Yes. Please fully and correctly complete the Application form in the name of your child. The documents must be signed by at least one parent. Please enclose a copy of the child’s identity document, birth certificate or extract from the family record. Furthermore, you will need an authenticated copy of the identity document of the signatory parent. Further information is available in the Information sheet

What is an authenticated copy of the identity document?

Pursuant to the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act, banks and financial institutions are obligated to verify the identity of their customers. Customers wishing to open a securities account who are unable to appear in person at the reception desk of Avadis Vorsorge AG (Zollstrasse 42, 8005 Zurich) must therefore submit an authenticated copy of their identity document. Authenticated copies can be obtained from: SBB, post offices, banks, local authorities, notary offices, Avadis Vorsorge AG. 

What is the Super Interest programme and how do I open a securities account?

If your employer participates in our Super Interest programme, you can benefit from special conditions. Your employer will reward your savings with a 3% interest rate which will be disbursed in addition to the normal return within your investment strategy. To open an account, please complete both the normal Application form and the Super Interest application form. 


How do I make deposits / money transfers?

Please use the pay-in slip we provide for this purpose and comply with the respective deadlines. 

Does a minimum deposit or minimum investment sum apply?

Yes, both the minimum deposit and the minimum investment sum amount to CHF 50.

Do I have to make regular deposits?

No, deposits are voluntary and can be chosen by the individual accountholder. 

When will my deposit be invested?

On the last working day of the month. 

Investment strategies

What is an investment fund?

Investment funds are vessels for investment in which a number of individual investors invest smaller and larger amounts. Investment experts invest the fund assets in securities (e.g. equities and bonds). Thanks to the collective investment approach, even small investment sums can be invested in a broadly diversified spectrum. Investment funds are subject to strict statutory regulations and are supervised by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority). 

What are investment strategies?

Investment strategies define how the invested assets will be allocated among the various asset classes (e.g. equities and bonds). Equities are principally associated with a higher fluctuation risk than bonds, which in turn carry a higher risk than money market investments. The higher the risk, the higher the profit potential as well as the risk of loss. 

Which investment strategies does Avadis offer?

We offer seven investment funds with different investment strategies (different risk-return profiles). 

Can I invest in more than one investment strategy?

Yes, although you can only invest in one strategy per account. A separate securities account must be opened for each investment strategy. Please use the Change of strategy / additional securities account form

Which investment strategy should I choose?

The choice of strategy derives from your risk capacity and risk appetite. Your risk capacity depends on the time horizon of your investment and on your capacity to absorb any investment losses. Your risk appetite depends on your personal need for security. Avadis does not offer any investment advice. However, the financial planning experts at Dörig & Partner are pleased to help if you have any questions about investment. You can contact them by telephone on 062 520 75 25 or at

How can I change my investment strategy?

Please use the Change of strategy / additional securities account form

Will I receive dividends / distributions?

Yes, once a year in April the income is distributed after deduction of withholding tax and subsequently reinvested. 

Where can I keep track of the development of my investments?

$You will receive a quarterly report including an account statement showing the value and development of your investment four times a year (after the end of each quarter). 


What does rebalancing mean?

The investment strategy defines how the invested assets are allocated among various asset classes (e.g. equities and bonds). Due to movements on the financial markets, the actual allocation of the assets may diverge from the defined strategy (e.g. the share of Swiss equities goes up when the Swiss stock markets are performing well). In the context of the monthly rebalancing, these divergencies are reviewed and the invested assets will be returned to the defined strategy if necessary. Hence, you will always remain within your chosen risk-return profile. 

Fees / costs 

What costs are associated with the Avadis investment funds?

All costs are included in the TER (total expense ratio). We neither charge deposit fees nor front- or back-end loads. The TER is specified on the product sheets which you find at our Downloadcenter. 


How secure are investment funds?

Investment funds are subject to statutory supervision and offer special investor protection. If the fund management goes bankrupt, the investors’ assets will be legally segregated in favour of the investors and will not be part of the bankruptcy estate. 

What risk do I assume when investing in a fund?

The value of investments in securities (e.g. equities or bonds) may rise or fall. The following principle applies: the higher the expected return (the higher the equities weighting), the higher the associated risks (the higher the fluctuations in value). 

Power of attorney 

How can I issue a power of attorney?

Please use the Power of attorney form and forward the signed original copy.  

How can I revoke a power of attorney?

You can revoke powers of attorney in writing at any time.

When do powers of attorney expire?

All powers of attorney issued by accountholders expire in the event of their death. 

Redemptions / account closure

How can I sell my shares and/or withdraw money?

Please use the Withdrawal / transfer / closure form and comply with the respective deadlines

How do I dissolve my securities account?

Please use the Withdrawal / transfer / closure form and comply with the respective deadlines

When will my order be executed?

On the last working day of the month. 

When will I receive my money?

At the latest in the second week of the following month. 

What is the profit-taking plan?

The profit-taking plan allows you to receive payment of any profits that exceed a certain limit set by you (minimum: CHF 20,000) at the end of the month, quarter, half year or year. You can have your net profit transferred to your bank account or to an Avadis securities account with a lower fluctuation risk. Further information is available in the Information sheet. 

Administrative points 

Will I receive a tax statement for my tax return?

Yes, together with the 4th quarter account statement. 

How do I declare the assets in my tax return?

Declare the assets like a bank account with withholding tax or a tax rated securities account statement. You must enter the taxable assets and the gross income. 

How can I report a change of address?

Please use the Change of address form. 

Can I manage my securities account online?

No, not at the present time.