Super interest

Something extra in your wage package

Something extra in your wage package

Employees working for companies that participate in the Super Interest Programme benefit from special conditions at Avadis Asset Growth. As a reward for your savings, the employer offers you an interest rate payable in addition to the normal returns generated by your investment strategy.

The Super Interest Programme operated by Avadis Asset Growth also offers all the advantages, from low costs to flexible choice of strategy and straightforward deposits and disbursements. On top of this, complete independence remains guaranteed, even with the participation of the company. The seven investment strategies are classified as investment funds. At any point in time, the invested money belongs to the investors. This also applies if the employer goes bankrupt. Employees who leave a participating company or enter into retirement may continue to invest at Avadis Asset Growth. 

Opening a securities account

Investors who register as employees of a company participating in the Super Interest Programme are also required to complete the respective Application Form and have it signed by their personnel office. You can apply using the following forms:

Aside from the completed and signed Application Form, we require a certified copy of an identity document (passport or ID). Certification is provided by Avadis (free of charge), SBB, bank, local/municipal authority, Swiss Post Office, notary’s office.